Let it go

It’s almost 2:00am and my mind is racing. How can I fall asleep, I’m up walking, pacing

Breathe in deep through your nose then out through your mouth. Brain won’t you just shut up! What’s all the rambling about?

I had a great day today! I stand by all my decisions! You wait till almost 2am to think twice. Revision?

Im trying to move forward but you’re always taunting me. Like a creep behind a tree, you’re always stalking me.

I will escape from your grasp. Im stronger than you know. If i could just stop dwelling on the past then at last- let it go.

Sometimes, we try to live our today’s through yesterday’s eyes. Make today, today. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Yesterday… is so yesterday…

2 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. Very well written! The ending really made me stop and really think and reflect. I know I used to struggle greatly with my mind being stuck and drawn to focusing on the past. This sadly resulted in me not being as mentally present for or appreciative of what was right in front of me.

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