Remember why you started

You know when you are mid task, right in the middle of getting something done, your motivation just drifts off. You realize, “wow this is harder than I thought.” You begin to think of reasons not to keep going. I can give you ONE reason to keep going. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! May it be you started to clean the house and got tired mid way. Want to stop? NO REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! You wanted a clean house! Push through that tiredness. When all is said and done and you take that shower. When you go sit in that clean living room, kick your feet up then look around. THIS! This is why you kept going! The thought of a clean house is what gave you the motivation to get up and clean in the first place. Of all the thoughts and things to do, a clean house was your clearest thought in which you took intiative to take action upon! The house is clean right? How satisfying does it feel? YOU DID THAT! Now the next time you feel you need to clean the house, you can think to yourself “I did it once before, I can do it again!”

The clean house snippet was just a scenrio to help you visualize. Remembering why you started is one of the ways that can help keep you motivated when you started to get something done. May it be completing school, saving for that new car, working extra hard for that promotion…. Just always REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!

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