Thoughts on Perception

Many of the events that we encounter throughout our lives impact the way we view things. Our upbringing impacts the way we view things. Where we live. How we live. It’s called Perception. The perception process begins with the stimuli received from our environment. It ends with our interpretation or understanding of that stimuli. Our emotions, mood, attitude and motive all influence our perception or understanding of something.

What goes through your mind when you smell fresh popped popcorn? With the buttery scent going up your nose? I first think of the movie theaters. Majority of the time when I eat popcorn it is at the movie theaters. So with that experience, that is how I perceive that popcorn scent (stimuli). For someone who is not familiar with the movie theaters, they may not have the same perception of popcorn.

It’s okay to see the world or understand the world differently than other people. That’s what makes us all unique. We all come from many different backgrounds. Many different countries, cities, islands and communities. All those differences influence our perception. It’s no wonder why the world is so diverse.

One thought on “Thoughts on Perception

  1. It’s so important to remember that your perception of a situation is not the only truth. Wish more people were able to be aware of that and try to see things from another perspective.


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