I was happy before I met you.
Not a care in the world.
Like a kid in the candy store.
A happy little girl.

I was happy before I met you.
Was able to breathe freely.
No second thoughts for all my actions.
I was able to think clearly.

I was happy before I met you.
Until I started to feel your weight.
Every thought inside my head
Was second guessed like a debate.

I was happy before I met you.
Anxiety, can't you just go away?
I'm screaming for you to leave.
You're screaming back you're here to stay.

I'm tired of all this darkness.
Everyday seems like every night.
Tear stains on my pillow.
From constant feelings of stage freight.

My head is constantly spinning.
I don't know what to do.
The only happiness that I remember.
Is the happiness I felt before I met You.

I suffered with anxiety for many years. I was so hung up on “being independent” and “being okay” that I totally ignored my mind’s cry for help. During the course of building that “new me” I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am way stronger than I actually felt. I learned that it’s okay not to be okay. I learned that I am not the only person in this world that feels this way.

This is the reason I started this blog in the first place. To show there is hope. That you can move forward even if you feel like you can’t. To motivate. To inspire. Move one foot forward. Then the other. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. When you turn around and see that you moved, that’s called progress my friend. Give yourself that. Allow yourself to see your progress and accomplishments. One step today could be two steps tomorrow.

This is all based on my own personal experience. My experience that I decided to share with you. A few words of motivation. GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT! BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER! KEEP GOING! NEVER GIVE UP!

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