Having so much to get done in a certain time frame can be very overwhelming. The thought alone is overwhelming.

Scenerio here will be work related. You walk into the office, your boss stops you before you even get to put your coffee down let alone take off your jacket. Your boss informs you of the 5 things you need to get done before noon. It’s 8am now. You’re thinking “Is this for real?” You tell your boss you’ll get it done then you proceed with your normal “start your work day routine”. BREATHE

You sign on to your desktop. Pull up your email. Another set of tasks assigned to you. Needs to be completed by end of day. You already feel yourself getting flustered and you haven’t even started anything yet. BREATHE.

As you start to work on the first task your boss assigned to you, a co worker comes in and says to you, “Hey, can you send that email out for the supplies. We are totally out.” BREATHE.

By now you are just over it. You feel you don’t even know where to start. You start going through all your assigned tasks in your head and your face gets hot. Your heart palpitates. BREATHE. STEP BACK. BREATHE. THINK. BREATHE. ORGANIZE. BREATHE.

Try thinking about the urgency of the tasks assigned to you. How long does each task take? When does the task need to be completed by? Prioritize your tasks. Above all BREATHE.

The email for supplies that your co worker asked you to do, do you have a template for it? Can that be completed within the next 15 minutes. What supplies are needed? Does it have to be done right now? Will your job, your co workers job or the office as a whole be affected if this email is not sent out now? The tasks your boss asked you to complete, needs to be completed by noon. How long does each task take? Roughly. Can the supply email be completed first and you still have time for the boss tasks? The tasks assigned to you via email needs to be completed by end of day, can it be started after the supply email and your boss tasks? What exactly are you being asked to do?

When so much is thrown at us at one time, it can become so overwhelming that we can’t even begin to process our thoughts. BREATHE. TAKE A STEP BACK. BREATHE. THINK. Think of each individual thing as an individual thing. Understand and process each aspect. Each thought. May it be a task. A thought. Individualize then prioritize.


Remember why you started

You know when you are mid task, right in the middle of getting something done, your motivation just drifts off. You realize, “wow this is harder than I thought.” You begin to think of reasons not to keep going. I can give you ONE reason to keep going. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! May it be you started to clean the house and got tired mid way. Want to stop? NO REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! You wanted a clean house! Push through that tiredness. When all is said and done and you take that shower. When you go sit in that clean living room, kick your feet up then look around. THIS! This is why you kept going! The thought of a clean house is what gave you the motivation to get up and clean in the first place. Of all the thoughts and things to do, a clean house was your clearest thought in which you took intiative to take action upon! The house is clean right? How satisfying does it feel? YOU DID THAT! Now the next time you feel you need to clean the house, you can think to yourself “I did it once before, I can do it again!”

The clean house snippet was just a scenrio to help you visualize. Remembering why you started is one of the ways that can help keep you motivated when you started to get something done. May it be completing school, saving for that new car, working extra hard for that promotion…. Just always REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!

Laundromat thoughts

As I sit here in the laundromat, with no one around (literally just the owner of the laundromat is here) my mind begins to wander. I can’t seem to remember what life was like pre-covid. Wearing masks and face coverings has literally become the new way of living. Can’t go into a store without one. “No mask, No service” is posted on every business door. Before I walk out my house I think to myself, “cell phone, keys, wallet, MASK. Can’t forget my mask! I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that this is actually happening.

How has Covid changed your life? Your way of living? Have you adapted to this new normal?